Seeing the terrible cruelty, JBF feel humanity has lost somewhere! Oreo crudely slashed down, now recovering at JBF Centre and will be released soon!

What is the fault of these innocent lives?

JBF is really depressed by increasing number of cruelty towards an animal. On one side people are becoming more modern and on the other hand, so-called people are becoming heartless that the pain of human’s best friend is also ignored.

Someone had probably tried to kill him and cut him with some sharp object. Oreo was in a very severe condition when team JBF reached Nalapara to rescue him. His back was completely deteriorated; maggots were running even outside the wound and smelling terrible.

Though team JBF is busy treating and handling the Meat Trade Rescued Dogs (MTRD) but considering the heart-breaking condition Oreo was immediately brought at JBF centre and aggressive treatment started.
Vet informed that “Oreo was in the last stage between life and death, it was also a challenge for us to save him. After several days of proper treatment and observation at JBF centre, Oreo is recovering now and will be released very soon”.

Through this, a success story for JBF but JBF will receive success only when cruelty levels will become zero with our effort and people become friendly toward animals.

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