Your contribution matters for the suffering animals

Assam is enriched with animals and bird but the recent Assam flood has affected more the 6 lakhs animals in Assam according to the Assam disaster management report.

They are dying out of hunger and disease. We can save their lives and keep our environment flourishing.

Their condition is really miserable, thousands have already died and other lakhs of animals are on the voyage of dying if not taken proper care of their food and medical condition.

Assam which is a heaven for flora and flora and leading toward extinction. This is our pride and we should come together to keep our pride alive.

JBF is working on the disaster response work for the suffering animals from the flood who are facing a miserable condition. If the animals are not taken proper care then their disease can be spread to people and may also lead our life to danger.

Its a humble request to all the citizen of Assam to care for our environment and help us to help those suffering animals. Amount does not matter, your love to keep our state live and contribute to our effort by denoting few penny actually matter for saving the life’s.

You can contribute at:
Or Contact at: 9954449528

Your contribution will be of great importance in bring their life back and fighting from natural disaster.

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Dr Sashanka Sekhar Dutta