Launching of Humane eating program by JBF in collaboration with HSI

An educational program on “Humane eating” was launched today by JBF (Just Be Friendly) in collaboration with HSI (Humane Society International). It was organized at NERIM Group of Institution.
The aim of this program was to create awareness about animal cruelty with a motive to reduce consumption of animal products and replace them with non-animal alternatives. An idea of ‘Meatless Monday’ was also initiated in the program where one can stop consuming meat for a day to stop a little cruelty towards animal and embrace a healthy lifestyle as well.

The key speaker of the program was Arka Prabha Bhar, Manager East India Humane Society International and the program was attended by Dr Smriti Rekha Dutta, Programme Director of JBF, Mrs Swagata Hazarika HOD of Social Work, students of the department and other faculties of NERIM and members of JBF.
JBF will be doing this educational program throughout this year in different colleges and institutions in Assam to promote humane eating.

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