Life by the Indian roads often comes to an abrupt end under the wheels. The luckier ones who survive are due to the timely & emergency efforts. An active response team of JBF is one such group of dedicated people who is ready to help the needy & provide service to the extent possible.

JBF Mobile Clinics have been a source of great healing for cattle of Kotla Mubarakpur in Delhi & canine population of Guwahati, Assam.

Rescue mainly divided into three broad categories:

Mobile Cattle Clinic (MCC), Delhi:The Mobile Cattle Clinic (MCC) in Delhi was started in 2003 with a small group that has expanded over the years through goodwill and word-of-mouth. Team JBF consisting of trained animal handlers attend numerous emergency calls to treat the distressed animals in need of veterinary care. The team specializes in handling hoof and horn injuries with precision. The team has also trained several children and young adults from the families of cattle owners in providing first aid to their cattle. Till date, over 100,000 times team has reached an animal (cow/bull/calf/heifer/buffalo) that needs veterinary care.

Mobile Animal Clinic (MAC) GUWAHATI: JBF MAC in Guwahati that provides treatment to needy animals, is one of the few organisations managing rescue operations in Guwahati. It started in 2007 with city-wide reach out drives and a special health check-up every Saturday. Accident victims are of special concern to the Mobile Animal Clinic. With the limited facility available; at this point of time, active response team of JBF handles only accidental emergency cases for street/stray/community dogs.

STOP DOG MEAT TRADE (MTRD): Activities from Jowai and Guwahati, along with Khliehriat police intercepted the vehicle and manage to rescue 26 dogs. On 20 September 2017, JBF provided vet care & temporary shelter to 19 dogs rescued from Meat Traders in Jowai, Meghalaya. Vets had to immediately start the treatment since the condition is really very critical. Again, On 15 December 2017 JBF rescued 42 dogs from Khetri, Assam, provided vet care, rehabilitation them. They were suffering from dehydration, fear and other serious problem since they were grabbed, dragged, put in gunnysacks and tightly tied up with steel chains; mouths were gagged so that no one would hear the cries.