Assam, one of the worst flood-affected areas in India and One of the most ignored sections of the society, during natural disasters and interventions thereafter, are animals. Taking care of these animals is crucial post-disasters. At times, these animals are the only assets that people are left with. JBF acknowledges this and provides optimum possible care to this livestock.

Every year JBF reaches several places of Assam providing post flood veterinary support.  Several camps that JBF set up saved lives of hundreds of animals. Ever since JBF has intervened in post-disaster situations across the state of Assam especially after the annual floods that severely affect the lives of these vulnerable animals.

JBF has indeed collaborated with Humane Society International (HIS), an international relief agency in Dhemaji in its flood relief work. In addition, JBF has collaborated with some new organization named Four Paws and Shrimanta Foundation with the support of Veterinary Department of Assam, Dhemaji dispensary in Majuli during floods.

From July till November on every month of 2017, JBF conducted post flood veterinary support camps in Lakhimpur, Sonitpur, Kamrup, Nagaon, Dhemaji and Majuli, Assam, India. Animals (livestock & companion animals) were provided veterinary support (Medicines, Feed Supplements & Vaccines) and awareness was created (through leaflet distribution, one to one discussion, motivated the pet owners to take care of their pets in need, about how to take care of animals during & after the flood. JBF tried to analyze the situation of those particulars places affected by the flood and accordingly extended care and support to those animals that have suffered during and after the disaster. This year JBF has vaccinated around 35,000 flood-affected animals.

It can be observed that most of the animals that were victimized by the floods are infested with worms, so JBF provided the animals with de-wormer to retain their healthy life. Apart from that various other medications were provided to the animals with a consultation of veterinarians. Vaccinations were also provided against foot and mouth disease (FMD) to the cloven-footed animals.