Humans need to be humane towards animals. JBF believes that this approach needs to be developed during childhood

Thankfully, school children in Delhi and Assam have given a really heartening response to our regular awareness drives. The awareness drives begin with simple facts which are usually misunderstood, for although dogs are the prime cause of rabies, not every dog carry the rabies virus.

Events like animal shelter visit are part of awareness drive. Events like nature camps are favorite in Assam, especially with the upcoming generation. We believe learning to identify birds, animals, trees can be part of a cherished childhood memory.

Eventually, JBF (INDIA) TRUST under the leadership of Dr. Sashanka Sekhar Dutta initiated a pioneering endeavor in India’s North East – a conflict-prone region, to motivate children to interact positively with animals. The entire program is named as ‘AaDaR’, a local language word which means ‘to love/affection’.

AaDaR’ – Kindness and Compassion for Animals: A Humane Education Initiative: Animal abuse is predictive of human aggression patterns including the ability to commit murder and larger social injustice. Exposure to animal abuse can produce a desensitization process where emphatic abilities are reduced and callousness increased. Cruelty to an animal is increasingly being recognized as a crosscutting cultural risk factor for human psychological health and security. In order to make the program more targeted, attempts are being made to identify schools in conflict-prone areas.

Under the project, Rabies Free India JBF along with the state government has initiated counseling programs for dog-bite patients in government hospitals for dog-bite and rabies prevention, in Kamrup district and education program for children in government schools. Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations (FIAPO), under their Rabies Free India campaign, is also helping the JBF towards the mission. Towards its mission, JBF is continuously undertaking activities like Animal Birth Control (ABC) & Anti-Rabies Vaccination (ARV), Pre Dog-bite Education, Post Dog-bite Education, Awareness Campaign. JBF visited several schools for an educational campaign to provide education on Prevention of dog bite and Rabies in schools like Parijat Academy, Kerakuchi Primary School, and Blue Mount English High School etc

Awareness drive is mainly categories into:

• Aadar- a humane education initiative by JBF.
• Awareness campaign in Rabies control.
• Free vaccination on special concern.
• Skill training to veterinarians, animal handlers.
• Internship opportunity for foreign vets/interns
• Face to face interaction with dog owners.
• Leaflet distribution, posturing, media campaign