JBF Initiatives are broadly categorized into 4 areas:

• Started in 2003 through goodwill and word-of-mouth.
• Trained several children and young adults in providing first aid to their cattle.
• Over 100,000 (Cow, bull, calf, heifer, buffalo) has been provided with veterinary care.
Mobile Animal Clinic (MAC) in Guwahati
• On the spot treatment to accidental victims.
• Accidental victims are our concern
• Treats canine Transmissible Venereal Tumour (TVT) cases of stray dogs.

Awareness Drive:
• Aadar- a humane education initiative by JBF.
• Awareness campaign in Rabies control.
• Free vaccination on the special concern.
• Skill training to veterinarians, animal handlers.
• Internship opportunity for foreign vets/interns
• Face to face interaction with dog owners.
• Leaflet distribution, posturing, media campaign

Rabies control:
• Pioneer organization working on Animal Birth Control (Spay/ Neuter/ Sterilization) & Anti Rabies Vaccination.
• Successfully operated more than 19,000 till Dec’17.
• Conducted ABC & ARV program in several spots of Assam
• Free Anti- Rabies Vaccination drives at various occasions!
• Part of the Mission Rabies program in 2013.
• On the mission of rabies-free Assam by 2030!
• Rescue-Rehabilitation-Spay/Neuter-Release or Adoption of street animals.

Disaster Relief:
• Assam, one of the worst flood-affected areas in India.
• Every year JBF reaches several places of Assam providing post flood veterinary support.
• More than 1.7 millions animals are affected in 2017, JBF reached 6 districts, treating more than 35,000 flood affected animals and birds.

Stop Dog Meat:
• Aim to stop the illegal dog meat trade.
• On 20 September 2017, JBF provided vet care & temporary shelter to 19 dogs rescued from Meat Traders in Jowai, Megahalaya.
• On 15 December 2017 JBF rescued 42 dogs from Khetri, Assam, provided vet care, rehabilitation them.

JIRAW project proposes to set up an Integrated Care state-of-the-art for animal welfare. It aims at being a one-stop state-of –the-art centre for animal welfare and will act as Nodal Centre for entire North-East of India. JIRAW project is under construction and we need fund from all possible source to complete the centre and it is fully dependent on donation; even a small contribution makes a huge different towards the mission of JBF and its endeavour. Support us to establish the power of coexistence and help us to build JIRAW a successful centre.

Programs and activities are integrated into these 4 broad JBF Initiatives driven by our dedicated teams working in different geographic regions.