‘Adopt me otherwise I will die in the cage, I too want to live and loved by someone’

Hi, friend my name is Milo smart, little and innocent. It was that fateful day when I went with my friends to play, suddenly some people started chasing me. I became scared, started screaming, running, barking but there was no one who could help me.

I was put in gunnysacks and tightly tied up; my mouths were also tied up so that no one would hear my cries. When I reached the place I saw many friends of mine were also tied up in a gunny bag miserably. For how many days I cannot say but we were not given anything to eat and drink. I was clueless and could not catch what’s happening around.

One day some people in a yellow T-shirt came and put all of us in a yellow vehicle, comforted us, opened our gunny bags and set us free. We were immediately given food and water and started our health check-up one by one.

But now for around two weeks I have been kept in a cage. I am provided with food, medicines and other needs but still, I feel uneasy and feeling frustrated in confinement. I want to be loved like before, I want to play, I want to feel the happiness and once again I want a lovely home.


For Adopting me Contact at: 9954449528 (Mon-Friday: 10.00-16.00hrs)
• Saturday & Sunday open only for adoption of MTRD

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