JBF strives to understand the deeper meaning of the word ‘coexist’. It has interpreted this powerful word as:

  • mutual respect for one another’s existence
  • sharing of a symbiotic relationship
  • and a peaceful existence


    The harmonious relationship between Human and Animals envisaged for the world around us is what JBF works for. The human population have often pushed pets and domesticated animals into straying. JBF works to address the needs and provide care for these animals.

    For more than a decade, JBF’s initiatives like Rabies Control (Spay/Neuter/Animal Birth Control), Rescue & Awareness Drive and Disaster Relief have attempted to bridge the gap between human and animals, and paving the way for co-existence.

    It all began with an advertisement posted by Jonny Krause looking for a vet to treat cows off the streets of Delhi. Contrary to the religious beliefs of reverence of cows, the state of cows on the streets of India is indeed deplorable. However, Dr. Sashanka Sekhar Dutta responded to the call and travelled from Assam to Delhi for the challenge. This was the genesis of JBF (INDIA) TRUST in 2003.

    Initially, JBF (INDIA) TRUST started under the patronage of JBF (Scotland) by providing veterinary services to the suffering animals on the streets of Delhi especially the Kotla-Mubarakpur area. As JBF’s animal welfare activities expanded and intensified, with more hands joining JBF over a period of time, JBF (Scotland) gradually withdrew monetary support with the aim to provide financial independence. However, institutional grants as well as individual donations for animal welfare activities have always been a challenge in India. In spite of the financial challenges, the credibility of JBF started to build up, confidence gathered and JBF’s goals were refined in line with the new areas of intervention. In the last decade, JBF has expanded its work to the North East Region of India and has been the pioneer in street animals’ welfare of the region.